"It's so calming."


"It's so calming.  I feel like my nervous system goes down like ten notches, and it's immediate."  E.W., Pittsfield

"My mind isn't racing."


"My mind isn't racing.  I feel more calm and notice my breathing.  I am more patient.  My co-workers have noticed a huge difference in me.  L.W., Pittsfield

"Helped me let go of stress."


"I was looking for something that could calm my nerves and focus my thoughts while I was going through a very difficult time in my life.  The acupuncture points that Jeffrey worked on each week helped me to let go of some of the stress and anxiety and feel more grounded.  With his help, I am experiencing less sadness, worry, and fear, and more joy, love, and happiness."  L.G., Pittsfield

"Reduction in pain..."


"Overall, the reduction in pain acupuncture has provided me has drastically improved the quality of my day-to-day life, both physically and mentally."  B.M., North Adams

"Headaches have diminished..."


"Almost daily occipital headaches have now diminished, along with neck and back pain.  Within, I feel more calm and centered.  I am deeply grateful for the changes I have experienced, and excited to contemplate what may change in the future."  

A.P., PIttsfield

"Sleep has improved."


"Being able to sleep has made a very positive difference in my personality and mood."  

J.G., Pittsfield