Getting Started with Acupuncture



Your consultation includes time to discuss your health goals and how you are doing overall.  This is a safe and supportive space for you to share any concerns or challenges you may be experiencing, and to explore how to live in greater balance and well-being.  You are valued as a unique individual, much more than a list of symptoms.



After the consultation, pulse diagnosis is one of several diagnostic methods that acupuncturists rely on to gather information about your body's systems before your treatment begins.  



Your initial treatment focuses on clearing patterns of imbalance and restoring deeper harmony among your body's systems.  Follow-up sessions build a foundation for greater health and well-being.  I recommend to start with four sessions, once a week, in order to allow for the cumulative effect of treatment to take place.  Treatment is often spaced out to bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal "tune-ups" to help maintain balance and long-term care.